Glen Plake

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Printed on Canson Arches BFK Rives.

Jaxon Northon prints are printed to order.

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A few words about the artwork from the artist Jaxon Northon. “From racing to moguls, to freestyle, Glen Plake is one of the greatest skiers of all time. The face of ‘extreme’ skiing he is also is a fully certified l3dt Psia instructor/AMGA Apprentice Mountain Guide and is a member of the US National Ski Hall of Fame. ESPN honored him as ‘the pioneer of action sports’. He is also a national champion waterskier, has won multiple titles in off-road racing including the Baja 1000 and 500, the Dakar rally, and is a 508 endurance cycling solo finisher. Glen started a ski foundation, RG2 for mountain guides in developing countries to learn necessary survival skills. Glen and his wife Kimberly are based here in northern Nevada but continue to travel the world, and kill it. I had a giant poster of Glen Plake blasting out a rocket air off of a giant cliff above my bed growing up. He’s just the raddest dude out there.”


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