Johnson Sides

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Printed on Canson Arches BFK Rives.

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A few words about the artwork from the artist Jaxon Northon. “Peacemaker Johnson Sides was a Paiute chief from Reno who earned the official government title of US Peacemaker for his work translating and negotiating between the local tribes and the white settlers. He was monumental in getting the railroad built through the area and earned ‘free rides for life’ on the trains for the Paiute people. Orphaned as a child, Johnson Sides was taken in and raised by the Sides family, thus adopting the Sides family name. While living on the family’s ranch, Johnson learned to speak French and English. He also spoke multiple Native American dialects. Johnson was known for wearing an army uniform and army field hat. He is buried on the historic hillside cemetery by UNR. Reno wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the mediation and peacekeeping skills of Chief Johnson Sides dealing with the droves of strangers moving to his native land. He dedicated his life to accepting and working with all people as the population of immigrants steadily grew around him.”


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