The Amazing Jerry

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A few words about the artwork from the artist Jaxon Northon. “The ‘Amazing’ Jerry Crambone was a staple at King Skate Country (now the Roller Kingdom) in the ’80s and ’90s and became well known in Reno for racing. He has won multiple trophies and competitions, his favorite routine being set to Bob Seegers ‘Still The Same’. Amazing Jerry claims to have roller-skated down Geiger Grade (a treacherous, winding mountain road from Virginia City to South Reno), among other daring feats, though the only known evidence is from his auto-biographical illustrated book (which can actually now be found on Instagram @theamazingjerry). Jerry now leads a reclusive, solitary life in his van and at the time of this painting, at least, his whereabouts were unknown. Jerry was a roofing buddy of my dad’s back in the ’80s and I still vividly remember the few times he was at my childhood home. He was always scabbed up and bruised from either falling off a roof or crashing during one of his roller-skate stunts. He was definitely a bit rough around the edges but I appreciate that he fought tooth and nail to be himself even when society might have found his actions frivolous and comical. I think a life bucking the norm and lived truthfully to one’s self is as strong and empowering a political protest one can make.”


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