How do you show Love to Local Reno Businesses?

Hello everyone!

We have really gotten into the spirit of what Yelp Reno and Reno Loves Local are doing with their #RenoLoveLetter contest. We have been writing Reno Love Letters about businesses we have worked with as Pitch Black and some businesses that we as individuals have been customers ourselves at. For one it has really opened my eyes to how much I do love this Biggest Little City that I live in and I want to see its community grow and prosper without the big box stores coming in and eating us all.

Reno Loves Local is a community outreach campaign designed to encourage support for local Reno businesses. “Will you take ownership over the livelihood of our community by taking the #RenoLocalPledge? Shop Local Today. Save Reno’s Tomorrow.”

Here are a few things you can do to help keep Reno Local.
  1. Take the #RenoLocalPledge
  2. Follow Local Businesses on social media.
  3. Tell your friends and family about a business you appreciate. Chances are they will like it just as much as you do!
  4. Write a positive review. Reviews help others decide whether a place is worth visiting or not, making them incredibly important for small businesses.
  5. Interact with businesses on social media. Your likes and comments go further than you think! Once you’re following a small business, make sure to interact with their posts and stories.
  6. Mention the Businesses’ handle with sharing about them. Next time you’re about to hi share in a new post, add the small businesses Facebook handle to tag them. They might just share your photo!
  7. Let businesses know you love them by sending them a message. If you really love something a business is doing, share about it! More importantly, share it with them.
  8. Sign up for their email list. Email lists allow small business owners to speak directly to you, offer you exclusive discounts, and learn more about what YOU want from them as a company.

It’s really as simple as all that.

Now get out there and enjoy a Small business of your choosing, or find something new to try!

Take pride in your community!