Skateboard George

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Printed on Canson Arches BFK Rives.

Jaxon Northon prints are printed to order.

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A few words about the artwork from the artist Jaxon Northon. “George Spinner was from queens, NY, but he grew up in California’s San Fernando Valley. From there, the family moved to Tucson, AZ. He lived in Reno for decades and was a regular at Nu Yalk Pizza, in its previous location at East Moana and Kietzke, walking there from his S. Virginia street apartment, usually carrying a skateboard. Spinner had Tourette’s syndrome, a neurological condition that causes involuntary outbursts and muscle tics or spasms, diagnosed when he was about 3 years old. He made it to about middle school and was never able to work. He was also legally blind. George Spinner was a local legend and Reno fixture who would talk to anyone who would approach him. Ask any local of a certain age and odds are he will be fondly remembered. He passed away at the age of 68 in 2014. Skateboard George was a constant presence in my life growing up and Reno doesn’t have the same soul without him kicking his board around his old haunts.”


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