Make Prints!

Creating prints of your paintings or drawings can expand your selling opportunities. From pieces that fit in frames to postcards to stickers. Having different options to sell along with original pieces can broaden your customer pool.

The first and easiest step is to pick one or a few of your favorite pieces and have them digitized here, to use now and in the future.  Once your pieces are digitized you can easily place orders for upcoming events, shows, or markets.

After the digital images are ready to print there are a few things we can consider: paper weight, paper texture, and paper finish. We have several fine art paper options to choose from and we can help narrow down paper choices with our sample book, test prints, and good old-fashioned know-how.

Paper Weight: The weight of paper is measured in grams per square meter (gsm). A 300gsm paper will be substantially thicker than a 72gsm paper which you can almost see through.

Texture: No big surprise but we have a wonderful selection of textured papers, from lots of texture to nice and smooth.

Finish: The paper finish ultimately depends on your preference and art style. Available paper finish types are matte, luster, pearl luster, and metallic pop. Test prints could be a great way to see how different finishes affect the overall appearance of the artwork.

How to Sell Prints of Your Art: After creating your art, the next step is to make it available to buyers worldwide. Selling art prints is often easier than selling original works. They can be printed in any size, are less expensive than original paintings, and shipping is more affordable. Therefore selling prints of your art can be advantageous.

How Do I Price Prints of My Art? When selling art prints, it’s important to price them lower than the original artwork. To determine the price, divide the cost of the original artwork by the number of prints you plan to make. Then, compare this amount to other artists selling prints at a similar stage in their career to ensure your prices are competitive. Be sure to factor in digitizing, printing, and material costs, along with a reasonable profit margin.

We are here and happy to answer your questions about getting your art prints out there. Pop by the gallery anytime during our hours of operation, grab a cup of something tasty from the cafe, and let’s talk art prints!

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