Sam Serrif is from a small town in the East Bay area. Who grew up around artists suffering from mental health and medical issues. They describe the art community as a great motivator and took inspiration from it to develop their style.

“I am an interdisciplinary artist who prominently works in textiles and illustration/graphic design. Most of my work surrounds mental health and personal trauma” Sam says. “My favorite medium at the moment is textiles. I enjoy learning and working with a wide range of materials and learning how to drape and build garments.”

‘Time to Move On’ reflects the journey they have had with painting. “Over the years I have grown to love acrylic painting. I found my clothing brand Serrif with originally painted denim jackets and other canvas goods.” Ranging from paintings on canvas and sculptures made with textiles this show is diverse.

“Moving towards the future I want to integrate paintings into my textile works. Whether it be added embellishments or painting patterns for garments. This show will also have other projects outside of painting and garment construction to display the interdisciplinary works of Sam Serrif and the work they do with Serrif and Maison Serrif”.



This show opens September 16th at 6 pm and will hang in the gallery until October 1st.