So, they popped the big ol’ question?

“Will you be with me forever?”

“Yes! Yes! A thousand times, Yes!”

Now is the time to plan the wedding! A very exciting yet daunting task.

Where do we get married? Who will take our glamorous pictures? What music flow are you going to go with? Oh my goodness gravy, we forgot about cake!

Start here, with Pitch Black Printing and seven other fabulous local vendors.

Enjoy cocktails, nibble on tasty morsels. There will be time for questions and mingling.

Click Here to get Tickets for the event on February 28th @ 530pm inside Pitch Black Printing!

First 2 people to send us an email at with receive and Buy One Get One Free Ticket Special!

Vendors in attendance:

Thorns & Berries Floral      Right Hearted Weddings      Rebel Pioneer Limited Co.    Katie O’Brien

Dusty Bottle                          Jerod Arreguini Music          Jeramie Lu Photography      Pitch Black Printing Co.