Vivian Magaña is a born and raised Reno Local. She makes both traditional and digital illustrations and paintings from a trans, queer & disabled perspective.

“The majority of my work focuses on liminality & the surreal, especially as relating to the human figure; I feel like a lot of that has to do with my own personal experiences being disabled/chronically ill and trans, finding comfort and home in the dissociated and spaces removed from the perceived norm.”

Hanging in the gallery will be an assortment of hand-drawn line art and digital line art.  Beautifully crafted by Vivian.

“Although my work is not entirely exclusive to those subjects! I love to constantly learn, grow, and explore as an artist/creative individual, not feeling limited to any ‘one’ given thing.

I leave a lot of room for individual interpretation in most of my work and I hope that you can form some meaningful personal connections and/or relationships with them through the semipermeable transparencies of the Creative Void ~ Vivian”



The art show is Friday, August 27th at 6 pm at Pitch Black Printing.

Accompanied by Uncle Buddy’s food truck. Text reads: Uncle Buddy's Comfort Food. with a teal border with a spoon and knife along the top. Decorative flare along the bottom.

Our events are in compliance with NV Health Response: Masks are required inside the Gallery and Cafe.

Please, practice good physical distance while being social. Air high fives and sending good vibes through your brain waves.