Eldgien is a local artist born in Anacortes, WA and now resides here in Reno. Hailing from the drizzly northwest he has an appreciation for dreary and melancholic. “Although I’ve spent most of my life in Reno, my mind and body crave a good rainy day with grey clouds in the sky. My work reflects this sentiment from literal expressions on the faces I paint, to the abstract impressions of intentionally random brush strokes that construct my nonfigurative work”.

When looking for inspiration for his pieces Eldgien describes his process as starving himself of “influence as a means of exercising my growing style. When I am in search of inspiration I look to the community and absorb my surroundings”. He describes how art helps in other aspects of his life as a way to dispel negativity and express feelings he may not be able to put into words. “Art is my counselor, Mentor, and Teacher.”

We are very excited to host Eldgien in his solo debut “Oblivion Access” opens Friday, February 24th at 6 pm.

Free Drinks. Good Times. Investment opportunities.

Instagram: @lgn_adept

Website: www.ELDGIENart.com