National Photographer’s Month!

In 1987, Congress acknowledged the significance of photos in our society by declaring May as National Photo Month. The American Photographers Association and other groups now hold activities, festivals, photo contests, and exhibits during this time. With the advent of the digital age, the celebrations have evolved.

Looking at old photographs can transport us back in time and allow us to connect with our personal history, ancestry, and legacy. They have the power to evoke memories and emotions that may have been forgotten. Museum and archive collections preserve historic photos that capture iconic figures in both their professional accomplishments and personal moments. These images can transform ordinary people into legends and also reveal the human side of well-known figures. Photographs truly act as time machines, taking us on a journey through our past.

Photographs are powerful tools that allow us to revisit important moments in history, such as Neil Armstrong’s iconic moonwalk. They also serve as reminders of the injustices that exist in our world, such as war, imprisonment, and illness, urging us to learn from our past and treat each other with compassion. Beyond personal use, people capture moments through photography to create an authentic record of history. National Photo Month celebrates the invaluable role that photographs play in documenting our world’s history.

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Photo by Cesar Lopez
Photo by Jeff Rogers