Warmer weather and longer days are around the corner. Planning for the events ahead doesn’t have to be a headache. This timeline could help with planning out your season!
3 to 4 Months Prior:

Plan that timeline: shared calendars, workflow apps, even a good old-fashioned spreadsheet. Whatever works for you and your team.

Be sure to include a meeting with your local print shop in that timeline so things like banners, tablecloths, garments, and tons of other items (don’t forget the giveaways!) have the time they need to be ready for your event.

2 to 3 Months Prior:

Let’s see those designs! We can go over ideas and address any concerns you may have. Maybe we have some ideas of our own that can elevate your design while staying within budget or optimizing for production so you wind up with the best possible outcome.

6 to 8 Weeks Prior:

Time to get the word out! Never underestimate the value of paper marketing tools. Fliers and mailers will get into the hands of people who might not follow any potential digital campaigns or they’ll reinforce the impact of those e-blasts and social media posts. Let’s build the hype and get people excited

4 to 6 Weeks Prior:

By now you’re picking up all those business cards and signage that are needed for the event. After you’re finished admiring your handy work, let’s tuck those away for the day of. Maybe put a few cards in your pocket in case you need to show them off to an old co-worker, just in case.

Postcards and mailers! Did you think we’d forget those? Depending on your event or the area you’re trying to cover, we can help get these into the right hands.

Maybe you have a customer mailing list, let’s put it to use! This a nice reminder to the people who already know what you’re about that you have something special cooking.

1 to 3 Weeks Prior:

While no one wants to deal with last-minute emergencies, the reality is something will always pop up. Let’s tackle these problems together. We can help figure out a solution that makes it seem like everything went according to plan. Smaller tables than you planned for, Ron spill Coffee on that white tablecloth and forget to tell everyone, someone’s dog ate the box of business cards? Let’s work together to fix it!

Days Prior:

Hopefully, at this point, the only problem you’ll be facing is finding parking at your trade show/gala/art opening/music event.

With a little planning, a little help from the Pitch Black team, and a branded travel mug with a lid for Ron and his coffee, the event is packed and everyone is enjoying all the hard work you and your team have put into pulling this off.

Bet you didn’t think you’d make it. Well, we knew you would.