Amaya Rodriguez Keir is a local visual artist born and raised in Reno Nevada.

She graduated from UNR with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art following a lifelong interest in creative expression. While earning her degree she trained in the classical methods of creation. Ones that encourage precision and loyalty to the established procedures in conceptualizing.

“Through this, I found that my creative process yearns to mirror the resolute seeding of life, both ordered and chaotic, rather than a methodical approach. My work centers around formulating a multifaceted understanding of the interconnectedness of the internal and external worlds. Particularly in relation to the felt experiences of the emotional, spiritual, and physical realms.”
“This exploration of connection is at the core of all my work. Beginning with a seed of inspiration the essence of my work unfurls with each mark of explorative creation. Through detail and intricacy, I work to pay tribute to the divine design that surrounds us and explore parallels between the physical, the emotional, and the internal and external.”
Amaya’s reception is on September 25th at 6 pm at Pitch Black Printing. It will hang in our gallery until October 29th. 
Our events follow the NV Health Response: Masks required inside the Gallery and Cafe.
Please, practice good physical distance while being social. Air high fives and sending good vibes through your brain waves.