Barbarians at the Gate
by Cathryne Trachok
Limited Edition Print
16″ x 20″

Recently, we had the honor and pleasure of producing beautiful giclee prints for Cheryl Newby Gallery in collaboration with Cathryne Trachok, who will be selling limited edition prints of “Barbarians at the Gate” signed and numbered by the artist to support Ukraine in their efforts against Russia.

The original painting will be on silent auction at the Cheryl Newby Gallery in Pawleys Island, South Carolina until April 23,

when the winner will be announced. 

Current bid is at $950.

Call, or email the gallery to put your bid in. 

100% of the proceeds will go to the Ukrainian Catholic University Foundation. Located in Lviv, Western Ukraine, the Ukrainian Catholic University has set up a Humanitarian Support Collection Center on its campus. It not only is providing shelter, distributing medical supplies and other humanitarian aid, but classes are still on-going on campus and online. The gallery will be sending the money to UCU through their American connection based in Chicago. You can send the funds directly to the charity, and the gallery will send the prints to you once you have provided a screenshot of your $150 donation, or you can send the money through the gallery and they will send directly to the foundation.

For more information about the UCU foundation, or to donate directly, visit,


11096 Ocean Hwy., Suite 4

Pawleys Island, SC 29585 

(843) 979-0149