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Come see an exciting photography exhibit by TMNTtoyPhotography (Wilbur Northrup) where action figures come to life! Also enjoy some delicious Nom Eats while you’re at it!


I spent most of my youth collecting action figures and playing video games. It was a huge part of my relationship with my father as a child. A few years ago I decided to sell some of my collection on Instagram and unknowingly stumbled upon the world of toy photography. Some of my buyers were posting these amazing pictures of toys in the real world. Almost immediately I became obsessed and decided to try my hand in the toy photography game. I started with some old Ninja Turtle figures, the camera on my phone and little to no knowledge on what I was doing. Slowly I taught myself the basics and then elevated to high end figures and an actual camera. I now try to create fun and imaginative photos that bring out the inner child and hope that everyone sees that it’s still fun to be a kid no matter your age.