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David Wilson, in his debut exhibition “Figures & Fantasy,” unveils a captivating world where gestures transcend into expressive tales. His work, a fusion of life drawing and fantasy illustrations, encapsulates movement, light, and the vivid personalities of characters. Influenced by the whimsical genius of Bill Watterson and the dynamic artistry of Albert Uderzo, David seamlessly blends traditional and digital media. Pencil sketches capture raw movement, gouache paints breathe life into his creations, and digital touch-ups add a vibrant pop. 

“Figures & Fantasy” – Illustrations by David Wilson Opens Saturday, February 17th @ 6 pm.

Where these illustrations come to life, inviting you to delve into David’s artistic journey and experience the convergence of movement, expression, and fantasy at this inaugural exhibition.

This show will hang in the gallery until March 14th.

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