::Lightning Strikes. Energy crackles through the air::

Somehow you are transported back, back in time.

You wake, as if from a heavy slumber. The kind brought on by long days, short nights and the exhaustion of everyday life. There is the smell of salt and seaweed in the air and you sway along with the rocking of a boat?! Are you on a boat?…  Intrigued and excited you leave the lower deck and the comforts of your cabin. You emerge into the bright light of day; a strong sea-breeze ruffles your hair and clothes. Welcome to the high seas.

Surrounded by crusty scalawags and sea-fairing brigands, they look to one man and one man only….

Dale Slingland, A local artist of Reno, Nevada dealing in surreal, landscape, floral and wildlife oil paintings, photography and watercolor. He will be taking over the the Pitch Black Printing Gallery and ButtonPusher Machine this Saturday, February 15th 6-8pm.

Join us, won’t you? Yarrr!

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