Come one come all! Don’t be frightened. 

Hurry, hurry, and step up to the eerie extravaganza of creativity for “One of Us” a sideshow-themed art show! We invite artists of all walks to delve into the mysterious, the extraordinary, the scary, and quite possibly hairy monstrosities from around the globe.

We want to see an assortment of delights and freights right here in the gallery’s spotlights! Bring us the dog-faced boy, the bearded lady, or sword swallowers. Send chills down the spines of all who wander through with some freaky works of art. 

Join us in embracing the darkness and embracing what makes us all “One of Us”.


The deadline for submissions is Sunday, October 1st

The artwork drop-off deadline is Wednesday, October 11th

The show opens on Friday, October 13th!!