Unfortunately, our Gallery Showing with Vivan Magaña has been postponed. Keep an eye out! We are excited to host her in 2021.
Fear, not my friends! Enjoy some pop culture in a fun and creative way, we are proud to welcome back: TMNT Toy Photography!
Wilbur Northrup is a Reno local that enjoys many aspects of pop culture and bringing it to life through photography. “I’ve been doing toy photography (as TMNTtoyPhotography) for ~6 years and really enjoy just being able to still have fun playing with toys as an adult. My goal is to create images that seem real, using action figures that everyone will enjoy. My shows never really have a theme, just whatever new work I’ve done plus some old favorites. While my name has TMNT in it, I also photograph many other genres of figures such as Star Wars, DC, Marvel, and more.” – Wilbur Northrup.

The art show is on November 20th at 6 pm inside the gallery at Pitch Black Printing.

Accompanied by Uncle Buddy’s food truck. Text reads: Uncle Buddy's Comfort Food with a teal border with a spoon and knife along the top. Decorative flare along the bottom.

Our events are in compliance with NV Health Response: Masks required inside the gallery. Practice good physical distance while being social. Air high fives and sending good vibes through your brain waves.

Winnie-the-Pooh's behind stuck in a tree. Most likely looking for honey. Silly old bear.
An Ewok balancing along a fallen log on Endor.