To all who have supported us – artists and lovers of art alike – thank you!!

Our goal has been from the beginning to do what we can to support art and artists in our community. Whether it be the community right here in Reno or as a part of the internet-based community we’ve come to love, we never cease to be amazed by individuals who give their whole heart to their work and are generous enough to share it with us all.

Being able to provide an artist with the freedom and flexibility to develop a finished product they are proud to put out there is our little way of participating in a community that fosters uniqueness, brilliance, and strong voices. Opening our walls up to shows and retail is our effort to bring new eyes and encouragement and grow our community.

We thank you all from the bottom of our lil hearts for allowing us to be a part of a world we love. Keep drawing. Keep painting. Keep designing. Keep photographing. Keep sharing a little piece of your soul with all of us. Keep supporting freewheeling, self-funded, mind-blowing artists so they can continue to better the world around us.