Plastic film.

It covers many items we use in our daily life; wrapped around food that we buy at the store to anything shipped. It could feel like we are drowning in single-use plastics!

The Artists of “Fluid” are teaming up with local organizations to educate through immersive and interactive art.

Join us in the gallery to play inside an ocean scape and visualize the Truckee River if it was filled with plastic.

Next life of your shopping bag.

We are collecting plastic through July!  The plastic will be taken to NexTrex where it is made into benches. They will be donated to the new CARES Campus off 4th st. for our unsheltered neighbors.

What you can bring!

Must be clean, dry, and free of food residue.

Pallet wrap or stretch film. Grocery/retail bags. Drycleaning bags. Product/case overwrap. Plastic shipping envelopes. Air pillows/Bubble wrap. Electonic wrap. Bread/produce bags. Ziploc and other resealable food storage bags. Retail bags. Plastic films labeled with #2 or #4 recycling symbol (polyethylene films). Ice bags. Wood pellet bags. Salt bags. Cereal box liners.

But Pitch Black, you print on paper, not plastic!

You are correct! But we offer many options with low environmental impact. For example, cotton & sugarcane, treeless, 100% recycled, and plantable papers. All of these options can be utilized for business/personal postcards, company gift certificates, wedding invites, flyers, event cards, or any other printed item you can think of!

Would you like to utilize these papers? Ask us how, we love to talk paper.

Let’s Play!

330 pm to 6 pm – Representatives from KTMBRegenesis Reno, Karma Box ProjectSierra Club – Toiyabe Chapter, and Future Kind will discuss what they are up to in the community, have fun ways to participate, and be available for a Q&A.

There will also be a fun activity with KTMB!

6 pm to whenever the fun stops! – Enjoy the art experience with the artists, party, and enjoy the music!